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AVAYA Partner ACS Telephone



How do I change my time?

1. At extension 10 or 11 press the feature button.

2. Press the "0" button twice.

3. Press the left intercom button twice.

4. Press "#103" - Your display should say system time.

5. Enter a new time in 24-hour notation (also known as "military time"). For example, to set the time to 2:15 pm, press 1415.

6. Press the feature button.

7. Press the "0" button twice.



Why does my time always seem fast?

Unfortunately the imbedded chip that Avaya uses tends to run a little fast. We typically see it gain about 5 minutes every 6 months.



How do I program a button on my phone?

1. Press the feature button.

2. Press the "0" button twice.

3. Press the button to be programmed.

4. Dial the phone number  or  INTERCOM button plus extension number desired.

5. Press the feature button.

6. Test the button.

How do I program System Speed Dial Numbers?

Program a list of up to 100 frequently-dialed numbers for the system by using System Speed Dial.  After you have programmed the numbers, anyone on the system can dial a System Speed Dial number by pressing "F" (or # at intercom dial tone on a single-line telephone) and the three digit code (600 - 699) for that number.  You can mark System Speed Dial numbers to override dialing restrictions.

A System Speed Dial number can be up to 28 characters in length and can consist of the digits 0 - 9, *, # and the special dialing characters.

You assign the number to one of the codes 600 - 699.

1.  At extension 10 or 11, dial Feature 00;

2.  Press Feature followed by a 3-digit speed dial code (600-699);

3.  Dial phone number (Up to 28 digits including special dialing characters) ;

4.  Dial Feature 00 to end .

Special Dialing Characters
Pause (1.5 Seconds) = Press Hold button
Recall (Flash) = Press Spkr button
Stop Dialing = Press Mic button
Touchtone Enable = Press Transfer button
Restriction Override = Dial * before the phone number


How do I replace batteries in my system?

If you are seeing a message on the display at extension 10 or 11 that states "ChgBat W/PowerOn" or "ReplaceSysBat W/Power On" then you will need to replace the two AAA batteries located on the front of the processor.


Follow these steps to insert or replace the batteries:

1. Locate the battery compartment at the bottom of the PARTNER ACS processor module, below the extension jacks.

2. Push gently on the battery icon (the locking latch) and slide the battery icon up to cover the plus icon; this unlocks the battery assembly.

3. Remove the battery assembly by gently pulling the tab at the bottom of the battery compartment cover.