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How can I change the sound of my incoming calls?

1. Press Menu + More + Ring + Key.

2. Do one of the following:

- For line keys, press Line.

- For Call Coverage keys, press Cck.

- For Group Call Pickup keys, press Pkup.

3. Select the feature key whose ringing you want to change.

4. Dial one of the following to select the ring sound:

- For two mid-pitch rings (type A), dial 1.

- For two high-pitch rings (type B), dial 2.

- For two very high-pitch rings (type C), dial 3.

5. Press SPEAKER to exit.


How do I rerecord the Automated Attendant greeting (Instruction Menu Message)?

1. From the System Administrator's Mailbox (normally extension 300), dial SA (72) to reach the System Administrator options.

2. Dial I (4) to select the Instruction Menus option.

3. When prompted, enter the number of the Call Routing Mailbox whose Instruction Menu Message you wish to record. By default, this is 801.

4. Do one of the following:

- Dial L (5) to listen to the currently recorded Instruction Menu Message.

- Dial R (7) to record a new Instruction Menu Message.

- Dial E (3) to erase the Instruction Menu Message.

- Dial X (9) to exit.


How do I change my time?

If you are a system administrator, you may be able to change the system time.

1. Press menu +01

2. Enter the time in 24 hour format (HH:MM:SS)

3. Scroll left & right on display to edit time (< >).

4. Press save

5. Pres exit