Security Cameras

We are able to provide you with the equipment you need for personal safety, security of your premises, liability concerns and theft prevention.

Camera options vary greatly, so we work closely with you to determine the best camera for your specific needs. We install both indoor/outdoor, day/night cameras, PTZ (pan-tilt-zoom), as well covert cameras. The most common cameras we install are IP due to the high quality images they produce, although we do occasionally install analog cameras as they cost less and are able to handle longer cable lengths.

Our camera systems can be viewed on a local monitor or remotely on your, PC, smartphone or tablet.

Additionally, these systems may be viewed in real time or you can playback recordings. How far back you can recall on playback is determined by the size of the hard drive in the DVR/NVR and the file size and number of recordings [number of cameras, recording 24/7 or just when motion activated, FPS (Frames Per Second)].